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Hand Oil Drop

Specialising in restorative massage, I combine various massage techniques to help relieve pain, relax and re-energise the body and mind.Make regular massage part of your health and wellbeing regime to reap all the long term as well as immediate health benefits it can offer.​Each treatment is always adapted to suit your needs, making it a specialised treatment unique for you.



A course of 6 lymphatic drainage massage treatments.


6 x 60 minute sessions (or 12 x 30 minute sessions)

Initial consultation to determine treatment plan.

Home care and after care advice.


Boost immune system, help relieve physical pain, and relax body.

Reduce swelling resulting from operations, Lymphoedema and other conditions.

Safe, non-invasive treatment to improve post-op results

Recommended by surgeons to speed up post-op healing.

​Recommended number of treatments for significant results.

Save £61 compared with single session bookings.

"Never put off your massage until tomorrow if you can get it today"

Thomas Jefferson

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