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S A N K A L P A  M A N I F E S T  C A N D L E



** These exclusive limited stock candles wizzed off the virtual store shelves.  We may do another run soon, if you're ready to manifest more with another candle please log your interest via the online contact form or instagram @sacha__benge and @emmadaisyyoga and we'll keep you in the loop for future batches **


Sankalpa (Sanskrit: सङ्कल्प): an intention formed by the heart and mind - a solemn vow, determination, or will....A sankalpa is a tool meant to refine the will, and to focus and harmonize mind and body. 


The Idea...

A first collaboration between my St. Albans sista Emma (Emma Daisy Yoga) and myself.


"We wanted to creat a candle that can be used intentionally or as part of a ritual.  This candle has been created to manifest your heart's desires and to transform your dreams into reality.  It's quite simple really, when you light it, you illuminate your intentions.  When you focus on intention, you release a message and fire your wishes out into the universe in the form of energy." - Emma Daisy Yoga


The Scent...

Dreamy Lavender soothes and clears the mind while vibrant Verbena illuminates creatitivy. Patchouli quietly sits, harmonising the duality of mind and body.  The aroma creates a sacred space to dream and manifest your heart's desires.


The Crystal...

The Citrine stone inside is charged with reiki to assist the process of your manifestations become a reality.


Use it to compliment your meditation or yoga practice or simply as a bright and beautiful reminder to follow your true hearts desire every time you light it and breathe in the aroma!


Imagined, created and hand poured with love by Sacha & Emma.


Burn time is approximately 40 hours.

  • D i r e c t i o n s

    As these candles only use natural ingredients, with no chemical fragrance enhancers, the scent will typically be more subtle than commercial candles, and surface appearance may vary slightly from images online.

    To enjoy the best from your candle follow these top tips!:

    Place your candle in an appropriate sized room, away from strong drafts and cooking odours:

    • 150g candles: best in small to medium size rooms like your bathroom or bedroom or small living room.
    • 214g candles: will do well in medium to large rooms like a large living room or yoga studio space.

    Trim wick to 0.5cm before each use. Ensure wax is fully cooled before trimming wick between burns.

    Burn for a minimum of 1-2hrs initially to establish a melted pool to the edge of container. This will prevent 'tunneling' of the wax and ensure an even burn for subsequent uses.

    After extinguishing, allow the wax to cool a little then replace the lid to hold the scent in.

    Store your candle in an ambient temperature - too cold or too high a temperature may affect your candle appearance and performance.


    Do not handle or move candle while lit. Do not leave unattended. Do not place near draft or curtains. Place on a heat resistant surface. Do not leave in the reach of children, pets or irresponsible adults. Melted wax is hot and not for topical use, as tempting as it may be.




    Do not attempt to remove the crystal from hot wax! Retrieve the crystal when the candle has burned all the way to the bottom. Once finished, warm the glass jar in hot water to melt any remaining wax (do not pour down the drain!) and clean the jar and crystal with hot soapy water.



    Reuse or recycle the cleaned glass jar and plastic lid.

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